The Aussie software helping teens get more out of their screen time

Would you like to have more of an insight into how your teen is using their online time, but spying on them using tracking software is not your style? How would you like a tool that helps your kids manage their time online so they’re better able to balance their productivity with their downtime? An.. Read more

Getting teenagers to read in the digital age

Contributed by Jay Ong in collaboration with Bookworld. Teenagers are bombarded by a seemingly endless stream of information and media that is meant to be consumed in the quickest way possible. From tweets to Snapchat messages which only last a short amount of time, kids are being conditioned to rapidly process information where anything longer.. Read more

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) – Choosing and managing devices for high school

It’s not just pencils and exercise books in the school bag this year – a growing number of schools are continuing to introduce  ‘Bring Your Own Device’ (BYOD) in the classroom, with many even making this compulsory. From 2009 to 2013, the Federal Government supplied a laptop to Year 9 students in Australian public high schools,.. Read more

Ask an Expert: How well are schools adapting to the new challenges of social media?

Given the rapid changes in our world over the past 20 years with the explosion of social media etc, have schools adapted adequately to the new challenges? Is the answer to this rapid explosion in technology satisfied by simply providing every student with an iPad or does that create a new set of problems which.. Read more

Ask an Expert: How do I limit my child’s time online without damaging trust?

How can I effectively limit the time my 12-year-old daughter spends online and monitor usage without seeming like big brother (the 1984 kind) and damaging mother-daughter trust boundaries. I also think schools don’t do enough to educate teens, and pre-teens in particular, about internet and social media use. This is compounded by some school’s BYO.. Read more

Ask an Expert – Are teens addicted to gaming more likely to become addicted to alcohol or drugs?

Are teenagers who become addicted to gaming more likely to become addicted to alcohol or drugs? This is a difficult question to answer as research on the impacts of gaming is in its infancy and few conclusions about how ‘addictive’ gaming actually is have been drawn. The range of different games available for people to.. Read more

Ask an Expert – Is my teen addicted to gaming?

I need advice on gaming addiction. My 15-year-old son is a little too involved in gaming and of late has become withdrawn. Help. Gaming has become an integral part of teen socialisation. They connect with their friends and engage in gaming as an extension of already formed friendships at school or elsewhere. Games are fun.. Read more

Teen sexting and the law – a parent’s fears

This week a mum on our forum discovered her 14-year-old son had been ‘sexting’ a girl. She’d been told in confidence and could not reveal to her son that she knew. She was desperately worried that he could be charged with creating child pornography. Excerpt: “Is sexting (just sms, kik or whatever), only words, not.. Read more

The new Twitter joke – #followateen

By Rachel Hynes. A recent Internet joke saw adults following a random teenager on Twitter, and then updating followers on their teen’s life using the hashtag #followateen. A few people may have described the meme as condescending, but as a parent of a teenager it gave me a few chuckles. You’re not really allowed to.. Read more

Mobile bill horror, and a mother’s revenge

By Rachel Hynes. I’ve written before about my daughter’s tendency to blow out the capped mobile plan: Happy birthday SMS, hope you enjoyed your gift. Well, it’s happened again. This time it’s the new breed of Internet radio to blame. And my teenager of course. This month, Ms 15 racked up $550 in data charges.. Read more