Eating out with teenagers

[Sponsored] I discovered a few years ago I didn’t need to consult Google when looking for a local restaurant. We could just ask our teenage daughter. Going out to dinner with her dad was a weekly occurrence, and over the course of a year she had pretty well visited every eatery in the inner-west of.. Read more

Competition Terms and Conditions – Christmas Giveaway

Promoter is The Kids Are All Right, ABN 73-700-544-048, PO Box 449, Petersham, 2049. Competition is open to subscribers of The Kids Are All Right weekly newsletter who reside in Australia. Entries must be received by 11.59pm, Wednesday 19 December. Competition is a random draw, to be drawn on Thursday 20 December. Prize-winners will be.. Read more

Not everything is character building, is it?

In today’s teen parenting drama, I am forced again to examine the concept of “character building”. My teenager does not enjoy sport and at the age of almost 15, now does no sport outside of what she is forced to ‘endure’ at school. I’ve written about this dilemma before, in High school water torture. Back.. Read more

10 ways to ‘share’ this Christmas

‘Collaborative consumption’ is a hot topic right now. It’s the growing movement of ‘sharing’ within your community, made easier and more widespread through developments in technology. It’s old school market behaviour – sharing, lending, swapping, bartering – brought into the 21 century. What better time to try this new (but old) type of consuming than.. Read more

Selective school of hard knocks

It’s the time of year when many kids in year 6 are starting to hear if they have been accepted into selective schools for next year. Choosing a high school is not the simple process it once was. In the 1980s, in my town, you went to the local high school or the Catholic high.. Read more

Parenting payback

Can’t teenagers be complete ingrates? I’m not talking about my own. I’m talking about me. I grew up in a country town. I lived at one end of it, my boyfriend lived at the other. If I wanted to see him on a Friday or Saturday night, my dad would drive me from our place.. Read more

From the mailbag

I’m doing a Liz Hayes this week, in that segment at the end of 60 Minutes where they read from their mailbag. Firstly, we had a comment on the website last week that I wanted to share with you. “Amazingly fantastic website. I may not comment much but that doesn’t mean I’m not reading. Love.. Read more

Dropping teenagers to parties

Do you still drop your teenager at parties? And if so, do you still introduce yourself to the parents, or go and say hi if you know the parents? I think in years 7 and 8, this should be a no brainer. Often there is a whole lot of new parents you haven’t met before,.. Read more

Movies the whole family can’t enjoy

Remember when you were younger and you’d be watching telly with your mum or dad and a sex scene would come on? Everything would suddenly get very awkward in the loungeroom while nobody breathed and waited for it to end, preferably quietly. A few years ago I discovered something even more awkward than watching sex.. Read more

A different approach to curfews

What is a reasonable curfew for your teenager? You can survey other parents and see what their rules are, but there are so many variables. Instead of a one-size fits all approach – or even one curfew for all situations  – I came across this interesting approach recently on Quora. A young woman, Briezy, wrote.. Read more