Meet Our Interns

Joely Mitchel - journalism internJoely Mitchell

Joely Mitchell is studying journalism at La Trobe University. She has demonstrated her passion for writing through pieces for local publications such as Banyule100, Roving Reporters and The Eltham High School Anthology. With a friend, she received support from her local council to start a blog/online magazine, Truth4Youth. Joely is passionate about youth-related issues and likes to be involved with younger people.


Jessica DickersJessica Dickers

Jessica Dickers is a first year journalism student at Monash University in Melbourne. She is currently a senior roving reporter for the youth website and a writer and editor for local Geelong magazine Switch. Jess spent last year travelling around Europe and this year moved to Melbourne to attend university. She hopes to pursue a career in print, magazines or online and is particularly interested in feature writing. Jess is also a dancer with Attitude Dance Company based in Geelong and hopes to combine her passion for arts and culture with writing.

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Ellen Laughton, InternEllen Laughton

Ellen Laughton is a first year undergraduate student at the University of Sydney. She is studying Arts (Media & Communications), majoring in Marketing and Philosophy. Ellen has always had a keen interest in the media, particularly in the role it plays for young people and the changing ways they interact with it. She hopes to one day find a career connected with the fast developing media world. Ellen is also driven by a love of languages that developed during an exchange to France during high school. “One of the things I enjoy most about learning languages is the kind of people it can put you in contact with,” she says. “Living in a foreign city opened my eyes to both the similarities and differences between the issues faced by teenagers on opposite sides of the globe.”

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Journalism Intern Katie AdemaKatie Adema

Katie Adema, aged 20, is a third year Journalism student at Charles Sturt University in Bathurst, NSW. Katie specialises in print journalism, but also completed a year-long cadetship with the community radio station in Bathurst. She hopes to become a feature writer at a women’s magazine in the future. Katie says she has learnt so much from the experience of leaving home at 17 and joining many different people from all over the country who live with her on campus.

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Stephanie Ho - InternStephanie Ho

Stephanie Ho is a third year Bachelor of Media (Communications and Media) student at the University of New South Wales. Stephanie wants to pursue a career in print journalism, and has a particular interest in feature and investigative writing. She is completing a publicity internship at Random House Books Australia and a PR internship at (a start-up travel company).  “My favourite author, JK Rowling, when asked how she would want to be remembered, said: ‘As someone who did the best she could with the talent she had’,” says Stephanie. “Reading and writing is all I know and I want to be able to do something with good with whatever ability I have.”

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Brenda FryBrenda Fry

Brenda Fry is a mature age, second year Communications Student at Griffith University via Open Universities Australia. She believes that her life experience and travel are a valuable resource that she can take to her studies. Brenda once spent a rewarding 16 months working in remote Indigenous communities in the Northern Territory, and she hopes to be able to use this experience to  write about Indigenous issues and Indigenous wisdom in relation to the environment and healing/medicine.

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