Ask an Expert: My daughter was harassed online and now says she is depressed. Do I ban her from all social media?

My daughter has changed. She has become very isolated and withdrawn, skips schooling and doesn’t want to go out in crowds. She used to like going out with her family to shopping malls. Naturally I have run all the medical tests under the sun. She is fine. Her behaviour has become worse over the last.. Read more

Ask an Expert: My son is being bullied; should I force him to finish the school year?

My 15-year-old son is having a difficult time at school at the moment. He has been picked on mildly by another boy in his class for the past two years. Two weeks ago the boy and a couple of accomplices refused to let him out of the changing rooms and told him he had to.. Read more

Bullying – If you see it, call it

On the National Day of Action Against Bullying and Violence, beyondblue is spreading the message to teenagers and adults alike: “If you see it, call it”. beyondblue CEO Kate Carnell says we have a responsibility to report any cyberbullying we see on social media. “It’s not difficult to do. On a Facebook page for example,.. Read more

Mentoring for teens

By Ellen Laughton. Mentoring. It’s a word we usually associate with professional career development, but some families are discovering the benefits of youth mentoring for their teenagers. Mentors are being engaged to help teenagers at risk or experiencing personal difficulties, or simply to help young people set and achieve their goals. What is youth mentoring?.. Read more

Tumblr saved me

You may think Facebook is where it’s at, but your teenager is most likely spending a lot of their time on Tumblr. Never heard of it? Briefly, it’s an online blogging platform for users over the age of 13 years. Every day for three years, since I was 17 years old, I have logged onto.. Read more

4 steps to take if your teenager is being cyber-bullied

Cyber-bullying is an ongoing issue for young Australians, with 1 in 4 children from year 4 to year 9 reporting that they have been bullied online [1]. Parentline defines bullying as the deliberate psychological, emotional and/or physical harassment of one person by another person or group. It can include exclusion from peer groups, intimidation, extortion,.. Read more

Secret life of teens

We might think we’re across our children’s online world, but new research tells us that 40 per cent of our teenagers are hiding what they do online from us. Parent perception and monitoring In a survey of 500 teenagers and 500 parents in Australia, security software company McAfee found that most parents trust their teens.. Read more

Can excessive parental praise turn good kids into bullies?

When most people picture the typical school bully, they think of a kid who is likely to have been bullied themselves. A child with low self-esteem who is trying to make themselves feel better by picking on others. But in fact, parents who continually and indiscriminately praise their children could be running the risk of.. Read more

Australian teen takes to Twitter to fight bullying

UPDATE: 5 June 2012 Dylan Raven has been nominated for the Child of Courage Medal in this year’s Pride of Australia Awards. He now has over 1500 followers on Twitter. 16-year-old Dylan Raven is working his way towards becoming a Twitter superstar. Not for personal fame and glory, like you might expect from a more.. Read more

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When my daughter came out – Ann’s story

This year, much loved Australian performer Magda Szubanski came out to the public, and revealed that she’d felt suicidal as a gay teenager. Sadly, hers is not an uncommon story. Many teenagers are afraid of coming out and how it might change their relationships with family and with friends and other kids at school. Parents.. Read more

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