Ask an Expert: My daughter was harassed online and now says she is depressed. Do I ban her from all social media?

My daughter has changed. She has become very isolated and withdrawn, skips schooling and doesn’t want to go out in crowds. She used to like going out with her family to shopping malls. Naturally I have run all the medical tests under the sun. She is fine. Her behaviour has become worse over the last.. Read more

Ask an Expert: How do I support my teen who is dealing with depression among her friends

Are we seeing a greater level of mental health issues in student populations? Is social media a contributing factor? Even if your child isn’t suffering herself how do you support her when she is dealing with issues of depression etc amongst her friendship group? I believe that every generation has worried about the one coming.. Read more

Breaking up is hard to do – especially for teenagers

By Rachel Hynes. It was more than 25 years ago but I remember the moment clearly, despite forgetting so many other things between then and now. It was evening, I was lying down on my bed. My face hurt from hours of crying, my body was doing those shuddering breaths caused by a bout of.. Read more

What is depression?

By Philip Batterham, Australian National University; Amelia Gulliver, Australian National University, and Lou Farrer, Australian National University Many people know what it’s like to feel sad or down from time to time. We can experience negative emotions due to many things – a bad day at work, a relationship break-up, a sad film, or just.. Read more

Internet addiction and how to treat it

Internet addiction is the broad and more common term for what Dr Philip Tam has termed Problematic Internet Use, or PIU. In his first article for The Kids Are All Right, Is your teen addicted to the Internet?, Dr Tam explained what is Internet addiction. In this follow-up article, Dr Tam discusses the treatment options.. Read more

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Why do kids cut themselves?

By Jessica Dickers. I was surprised to find out that some of my friends have self-harmed. You wouldn’t know by looking at them or even by talking to them. Kids Helpline says that an increasing number of young people are reporting self-harming behaviour. Cutting is the most common self-harming behaviour but people may also burn.. Read more

Grateful teens are happier teens

Growing up grateful gives teenagers multiple mental health benefits, new research shows. Grateful teens are more likely to be happy, less likely to abuse drugs and alcohol and less likely to have behavior problems at school. “Gratitude played an important role in many areas of positive mental health of the teens in our study,” said.. Read more

Tumblr saved me

You may think Facebook is where it’s at, but your teenager is most likely spending a lot of their time on Tumblr. Never heard of it? Briefly, it’s an online blogging platform for users over the age of 13 years. Every day for three years, since I was 17 years old, I have logged onto.. Read more

Depression is like the surf

1 in 4 Australian teenagers live with mental illness. Mental illness is a major risk factor for suicide. With R U OK? Day this Thursday, we are privileged to share this piece written by a teenage girl explaining what it is like to live with depression. We thank her for her courage in writing this,.. Read more

Family dinners may not be responsible for strong families

If you’re not managing to sit down to a family dinner five nights a week, perhaps you don’t need to feel too guilty. Eating dinner as a family has been said to head off problems such as eating disorders, obesity, and inadequate nutrition in the teenage years. RECIPE LINK: Check out our collection of easy.. Read more