How suicide affects your teenager

Jason found himself in one of those tough parenting situations recently. His 16-year-old son came to him at night, extremely upset, saying his friend had just confided that he had tried to commit suicide. The boy had not succeeded, but Jason’s son was worried about his friend trying again, and wondered how his mate had.. Read more

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Blood test can diagnose major depression in teens

A scientist has developed the first blood test to diagnose major depression in teens, which could also lead to a more personalised course of treatment and reduce the stigma associated with depression. The estimated rates of major depressive disorder jump from 2 to 4 percent in pre-adolescent children to 10 to 20 percent by late.. Read more

Speed and ecstasy associated with depression in teenagers

Teenagers who used speed or ecstasy at 15 or 16 were significantly more likely to suffer elevated depressive symptoms the following year. This was the finding of a five-year study conducted with thousands of teenagers by University of Montreal researchers. “Our results reveal that recreational MDMA and meth/amphetamine use places typically developing secondary school students.. Read more

When my daughter came out – Ann’s story

This year, much loved Australian performer Magda Szubanski came out to the public, and revealed that she’d felt suicidal as a gay teenager. Sadly, hers is not an uncommon story. Many teenagers are afraid of coming out and how it might change their relationships with family and with friends and other kids at school. Parents.. Read more

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Is your teen addicted to the Internet?

So, your teenager spends a lot of time online. Most do. We might even joke that they’re ‘addicted’ to Facebook, Tumblr, or World of Warcraft. But as Australian child/adolescent psychiatrist Dr Philip Tam suggests in this article, if your teen’s internet use is taking over their life they may have a serious problem. In recent.. Read more