Ask an Expert: Are we equipping our children to adequately cope with the world?

With our current ‘bubble wrap’ approach to raising our children, their limited opportunities for exploration, imagination and risk taking in their lives are we equipping them to adequately cope with the world? Kids need to learn resilience. They need to learn how to fail. Society generally sees failure as a negative thing, but through failure.. Read more

Ask an Expert: How positive do you feel about this generation of students?

How positive do you feel about the abilities and personalities of the current generation of students? The capabilities and creativity of young people constantly amazes me but doesn’t surprise me. From the one year olds who learn how to swipe and engage with apps on an iPad to the students who are creating purposeful projects.. Read more

Teenagers and sex – are they emotionally ready?

Sex education for teenagers is usually pretty good at covering the physical and practical issues – reproductive health, sexually transmitted infections, and contraception. What sex education can sometimes gloss over is the emotional consequences for teenagers engaging in sexual activity. Sex educator Liz Walker from the Youth Wellbeing Project  and teen boys life coach, John.. Read more

Video games linked to dangerous driving in teens

Teenagers who play M-rated, risk-glorifying video games such as Grand Theft Auto III and Manhunt (banned in Australia) may be more likely to become reckless drivers who experience increased car accidents, police stops and willingness to drink and drive. This is the finding of new research published in the academic journal Psychology of Popular Media.. Read more

Pot-smoking teenagers risk IQ loss

Delay delay delay. That’s the general catchcry of health specialists when commenting on teenagers’ engaging in risky behaviour involving alcohol, drugs and sex. And now there is even further evidence why smoking marijuana during adolescence is a bad idea. A new long-range study of 1,000 New Zealanders found that participants who started using cannabis in.. Read more

Birth order and your child’s personality

We’ve all heard or had conversations like these: “Charlie is the responsible one, because he’s the eldest”, or “Lucy is hopeless with being on time; it’s because she was the youngest and was coddled”. The theory that the personalities of your children are influenced by where in the family they are born was developed by.. Read more

Persistence is learned from dad

When the going gets tough, the tough should be thanking their fathers. New research shows that dads are in a unique position to help their adolescent children develop persistence. Brigham Young University (BYU)  professors Laura Padilla-Walker and Randal Day arrived at these findings after following 325 families over several years. Over time, the persistence gained.. Read more

OMG: It’s another stupid diet

The latest diet to take the world by storm and knock the Dukan Diet off its low-carb throne (and ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ off the ebook best-seller list) has arrived. ‘Six Weeks to OMG: Get Skinnier Than All Your Friends’ was written by London personal trainer, Venice. A Fulton (real name Paul Khanna). Fulton is.. Read more

The rumble in the jungle: Single-sex vs coeducational schooling

By Andrew Whitehouse, University of Western Australia I have a confession to make…I went to an all-boys private school. Go on, admit it. You just judged me a little bit, didn’t you? I can’t blame you. Looking back – and even at the time – the whole experience was a tad surreal. At 12 years.. Read more

Teen drug users ‘wired that way’

Why do some teenagers start smoking or experimenting with drugs — when others don’t? It seems to be the way their brain is wired. In the largest imaging study of the human brain ever conducted—involving 1,896 14-year-olds—scientists have discovered a number of previously unknown networks that go a long way toward an answer. “Some teenagers.. Read more