The Mastery Club – an interview with author Liliane Grace

Natalie has long been fascinated by witches, wizards and the world of fantasy, but she wants to be able to do real magic. When green-haired, unpredictable Nina bursts into her life with a plan to form a ‘Mastery Club’, Natalie’s mind and world are opened up to some startling possibilities and a colorful, creative family… Read more

Actually, this IS a dress rehearsal – negotiating with teens

When it comes to opinions about parenting teenagers, people seem to fall into two camps. There are those who believe that teens should do what they are told, that there is no negotiation, that what teens today need is a good old-fashioned smack and some tough love. Then there are people who actually know teenagers… Read more

Parents: Don’t teach your child to fear people

During National Youth Week this year, we asked teenagers to tell us parents something we need to know. Jamie, 14, wrote the following. I feel like it is an unhealthy thing for parents to not trust their children or believe in them. I think it sends the wrong message to children that they should fear.. Read more

Study: Impulsive kids play more video games

Impulsive children with attention problems tend to play more video games, while kids in general who spend lots of time video gaming may also develop impulsivity and attention difficulties, according to new research published by the American Psychological Association. “This is an important finding because most research on attention problems has focused on biological and.. Read more

Iron intake as teenager can impact adult brain

Researchers have recently discovered that healthy brain wiring in adults depended on having good iron levels as a teenager. Iron deficiency is the most common nutritional deficiency worldwide, causing poor cognitive achievement in school-aged children. But what scientists have just discovered is that there is a relationship between poor iron levels in children, and the.. Read more

Starting high school is tough on parents too

By Rachel Hynes. It’s not just kids who have to navigate the transition from primary school to starting high school. Parents may also experience difficulties as their role changes and they feel shut out of their child’s education. In primary school, there are many ways for parents to be involved in their child’s schooling: reading.. Read more

Back to school, earlier to bed

Over the school holidays, our teenagers have been enjoying late nights and even later mornings. They’ve been playing Xbox, Facebooking and watching DVDs till the wee hours, waking only when the lunchtime hunger pangs hit. But holidays are at an end and parents are now facing a zombie child in the morning and Jack Russell.. Read more

Teens use peers as gauge in search for autonomy

As teens push their parents for more control over their lives, they use their peers as metrics to define appropriate levels of freedom and personal autonomy. They also tend to overestimate how much freedom their peers actually have. Those are the conclusions of new research that appears in the journal Child Development; the research was.. Read more

Improve impulse control for better decision-making

Although most teens have the knowledge and reasoning ability to make decisions as rationally as adults, their tendency to make much riskier choices suggests that they still lack some key component of wise decision making. Why is this so? Because adolescents may not bother to use those thinking skills before they act. That’s the finding.. Read more

Why teens use drugs, how to talk to them about it

“All my friends were doing it so I thought, why not?” Have you heard that one yet? Here are some of the reasons young people give for using drugs, and some ideas about how you can respond to them in a constructive way. If you think your kid might be lukewarm about sitting down and.. Read more