Ask an Expert: I have anorexia; how can I stop food consuming my thoughts?

I’m 17 and have anorexia. I’ve had anorexia and EDNOS [eating disorder not otherwise specified] for about a year. I was emailing for advice on how to get though each day without letting food thoughts consume my whole day. Each day my thoughts revolve around food and it’s all I ever think about. Also I.. Read more

Ask an Expert: My daughter eats nothing all day

I’m worried about my daughter’s eating habits. She has been eating nothing from waking up to getting home from school, when she will stuff herself and then not eat dinner, or – if I am around to manage it – eat a bit of afternoon tea and then at least two serves of dinner. Is.. Read more

Boys aren’t immune to body image pressures – and never have been

By Lina Ricciardelli, Deakin University. Male beauty and body image receive far less attention in the media and academia than the female body. That’s despite buff, lean and muscular male bodies becoming an increasingly popular features of blockbuster films, magazines and popular culture. But just like the female body, the male body has been depicted,.. Read more

OMG: It’s another stupid diet

The latest diet to take the world by storm and knock the Dukan Diet off its low-carb throne (and ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ off the ebook best-seller list) has arrived. ‘Six Weeks to OMG: Get Skinnier Than All Your Friends’ was written by London personal trainer, Venice. A Fulton (real name Paul Khanna). Fulton is.. Read more

Explainer: anorexia and bulimia

By Peta Stapleton, Bond University Eating disorders are an increasing problem in children and adolescents. Recent Australian studies have indicated eating disorder behaviour has increased twofold in Australia in the last five years and 9% (men and women) will suffer from one at some point in their lives. An analysis by the American Agency for.. Read more

Family dinners may not be responsible for strong families

If you’re not managing to sit down to a family dinner five nights a week, perhaps you don’t need to feel too guilty. Eating dinner as a family has been said to head off problems such as eating disorders, obesity, and inadequate nutrition in the teenage years. RECIPE LINK: Check out our collection of easy.. Read more

Teens most at risk of anaphylaxis

Imagine yourself a teenager, a bundle of nerves, sharing your first kiss. But that tingling you’re beginning to feel is not new love; it’s the start of a potentially life-threatening anaphylactic reaction, triggered by that kiss. It’s Allergy Awareness Week, and if you don’t have a child with a life-threatening allergy, you may be under.. Read more

Medical myth: leave leftovers to cool before refrigerating

Food poisoning doesn’t just come from dodgy kebabs, under-cooked chicken and restaurants with poor hygiene practices – it can also occur in the home. And anyone who has suffered a bout of food poisoning knows it’s not pretty. The specific symptoms, and the time it takes until you get sick, vary depending on the pathogen.. Read more

Everything you need to know about coeliac disease (and whether you really have it)

The Neolithic Revolution introduced a whole range of new foods and proteins into the human digestive tract. But this phenomenal change created the perfect conditions for the rise of coeliac disease. While most proteins were readily consumed, some people’s immune systems struggled to tolerate others. Wheat was the first cereal to be widely domesticated, and.. Read more

Energy drink binge leaves teens with more than a hangover

Manufacturers of energy drinks are coming under pressure from governments and regulatory bodies following concerns about the health impacts of their products on teenagers and other at-risk groups. Typically, drinks such as Red Bull, Monster, Mother and Cocaine contain a cocktail of caffeine, taurine, glucuronolactone and sugar. And they are heavily promoted to shift workers,.. Read more