Guest post: Home schooling, from a mum who did

Home Education – What? Why? How? Who? And is it a valuable option? By Liliane Grace There’s a bit of a conversation in the media at the moment about the benefits and drawbacks of home schooling. My three children were home educated – via a largely unstructured, secular approach. They are now 16 (almost 17;.. Read more

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Thousands of students illegally home schooled

This year thousands of Australian school children will be illegally home schooled, according to a report on Radio National’s Background Briefing program. By law, children between the ages of 6 and 16 must attend school or be registered for home schooling. In the story Opting Out and Staying Home, journalist Ian Townsend reported that 50,000.. Read more

How Australian universities fare in global rankings

  Year 12 students will already be thinking of what university they want to attend next year. Quite aside from the courses offered, the TER and other practicalities like location, parents may also turn to the various annual independent rankings to help choose where to study. One of the most regarded rankings are The Times Higher.. Read more