Ask an Expert: What can I do about my 13-year-old who doesn’t want to do family things anymore?

If a 13-year-old decides he/she does no longer want to go out with the rest of the family (to visit uncles or go to church etc) what is the smartest course of action without being a dictator? Wanting to avoid hanging out with the family is a pretty normal part of adolescence that is often.. Read more

Ask an Expert – How do I protect our other children from the behaviour of our out-of-control teen?

We have an out-of-control 14-year-old girl – avoiding school, disappearing at night, smoking, lying, with some big anxiety and depression issues too.  We are doing everything we can to try and help get her back on ‘the right track’ – counselling, medication, love. My question is about our three younger children – 12, 8 and.. Read more

How to reconnect with your teenager

By Sacha Kaluri. Being a parent of teenagers who just want to live their own lives can be hard work. If you’ve been feeling a bit out of touch with your teenagers lately, it is possible to reconnect with the children who were once your babies. In my job visiting schools around Australia and talking.. Read more

School holidays – wish I was there

It’s school holidays in most parts of Australia, and where it isn’t, it soon will be. It’s utterly business as usual at our place. I don’t really notice the difference in high school, not as much as in primary school anyway, where holidays were welcome relief from driving, uniforms and school lunches. At the weekend,.. Read more

Time with parents is important for teens’ wellbeing

You may think you’re the last person on earth your teenager wants to spend time with, but new research reveals today’s teens are seeking out time with their parents, and that this shared time is very important to their wellbeing. “The stereotype that teenagers spend all their time holed up in their rooms or hanging.. Read more

Birth order and your child’s personality

We’ve all heard or had conversations like these: “Charlie is the responsible one, because he’s the eldest”, or “Lucy is hopeless with being on time; it’s because she was the youngest and was coddled”. The theory that the personalities of your children are influenced by where in the family they are born was developed by.. Read more

Family dinners may not be responsible for strong families

If you’re not managing to sit down to a family dinner five nights a week, perhaps you don’t need to feel too guilty. Eating dinner as a family has been said to head off problems such as eating disorders, obesity, and inadequate nutrition in the teenage years. RECIPE LINK: Check out our collection of easy.. Read more

Rebellious teenager gets a dose of tough love

This is a personal account by The Kids Are All Right reader Janine about the difficult time she has had with her rebellious teenage son, and how they’ve turned things around. A couple of months ago I wrote to ‘The Kids are Alright’ out of sheer desperation.  My then 15-year-old son had run away after.. Read more

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The changing face of motherhood

Mums with older kids have more ‘me time’ – about enough to boil a kettle and have a cuppa; half of us feel working mother guilt; and the main reason we take time out is to save our sanity. These are some of the findings of the Changing Face of Motherhood Report by Proctor &.. Read more

Medical myth: leave leftovers to cool before refrigerating

Food poisoning doesn’t just come from dodgy kebabs, under-cooked chicken and restaurants with poor hygiene practices – it can also occur in the home. And anyone who has suffered a bout of food poisoning knows it’s not pretty. The specific symptoms, and the time it takes until you get sick, vary depending on the pathogen.. Read more