Family dinner important through teen years

Getting the family to sit at the dinner table, at the same time, is a challenge. But it could be key to heading off problems such as eating disorders, obesity, and inadequate nutrition in the teenage years. RECIPE LINK: Check out our collection of easy family dinner recipes Family meals promote healthy eating A team.. Read more

When my daughter came out – Ann’s story

This year, much loved Australian performer Magda Szubanski came out to the public, and revealed that she’d felt suicidal as a gay teenager. Sadly, hers is not an uncommon story. Many teenagers are afraid of coming out and how it might change their relationships with family and with friends and other kids at school. Parents.. Read more

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Homework: an exercise in futility

Guest post by Shambolic Living. How much homework goes on in your house? Are you a fan of the after-school revision, assignments and projects? Or do you resent the impact homework is having on your family life? At the risk of launching into a full-blown rant I have to state my view of homework: it.. Read more

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Arguments at school may cause arguments at home

The next time you and your teen have an argument on a school night, take the opportunity to check-in on what’s happened for your child during the school day. Chances are they’ve already had a war of words with friends before arriving home. A new study has found that that adolescents have more arguments with.. Read more

Don’t be your teenager’s ‘drinking buddy’, says study

Parents who allow their teenagers to drink alcohol while supervised may be creating more drinking-related consequences for their teens down the track. This was the finding from a recent study of Australian and American teenagers, surveyed over three years from Year 7 to Year 9. The study also challenged the theory that teens will learn.. Read more

What makes a good mum: teens have their say

From the mouths of teens, here are some of their thoughts on what makes a good mum: Teens want their mums to be someone who cares for them, who is understanding and dependable no matter what they do. Meg (16) feels that a good mum should be: “someone who’s there for you, someone you can.. Read more

‘Mum, Dad… I’m gay.’ What happens next?

How would you react if your teenager approached you one day with the news they are gay? Even the most understanding and liberal-minded parents may be caught off-guard, and not know what to think, say or do next. Most parents will hold fears for their child, and perhaps even themselves, concerned about what others might.. Read more

Social environments influence teen drinking

Characteristics present in the four social environments in which young people live—families, peers, schools, and neighborhoods—contribute both positively and negatively to whether teens misuse alcohol, with risk from one area possibly being magnified or decreased by attributes of another. That’s the finding of a longitudinal study conducted by researchers at the University of North Carolina.. Read more