Teen sexting and the law – a parent’s fears

This week a mum on our forum discovered her 14-year-old son had been ‘sexting’ a girl. She’d been told in confidence and could not reveal to her son that she knew. She was desperately worried that he could be charged with creating child pornography. Excerpt: “Is sexting (just sms, kik or whatever), only words, not.. Read more

Parents told: don’t let teens drive with friends

Parents are being encouraged to restrict their teen from carrying friends when driving, on the back of two new studies into how peer passengers distract teen drivers. The first study has identified which teens are likely to drive with multiple friends. These drivers shared the following characteristics: considered themselves ‘thrill-seekers’ perceived their parents as not.. Read more

Mind your kid’s business

In Sydney last night, the police picked up 13 teenagers who were drunk or affected by drugs. The stories in today’s press have an air of ‘parents not caring about their kids’ about them. Nine boys and four girls were picked up, aged around 14 or 15. Phoned by police, one boy’s carer said he.. Read more

Music Festivals for Under 18s

If your teenager wants to go to the Big Day Out, Splendour in the Grass, Groovin’ the Moo or one of Australia’s other major outdoor music festivals, don’t let them leave home before reading our guide to music festivals for under 18s. Actually, don’t let them buy tickets! Not all outdoor music festivals are open.. Read more