Ask an Expert – What can my teen say when she is offered drugs or alcohol?

My 15-year-old daughter has started socialising with teens who are drinking and smoking weed. She admits to sipping on beer at parties and says she’s feeling the pressure to smoke just to fit in. I want to know what she can say when offered drugs and alcohol. She says when she says no, she feels very.. Read more

Ask an Expert – How can I keep my daughter safe at schoolies week?

My daughter is going to Schoolies Week. I’m really worried about excess drinking, drugs and unsafe sex. How can I help her keep safe and how do I even talk to her about all of this !!!! If your daughter is going to schoolies week look at it as an opportunity – most probably the.. Read more

What to ask parents who are hosting a party

Navigating the world of teenagers and parties is one of the more difficult tasks parents face. You may have different expectations and family rules to other parents, and what your teenager wants to do may be quite different to what you are comfortable with. Drug and alcohol educator Paul Dillon says all parents will face.. Read more

Are our kids the ‘me me me generation’?

By Katherine Hynes. A new film depicts young people as obsessed with social media, and a recent Time magazine cover declared them the ‘Me Me Me Generation’. The Millennials are taking hits from all sides at the moment. Sofia Coppola’s new film The Bling Ring is based on the true story of a gang of.. Read more

e-gift cards and last minute gifts for teenagers

We think last minute gifts can’t really be called ‘last minute’ unless it’s procured just before you run out the door. The only thing that really qualifies are online gift cards, or to be clear – e-gift cards – and more and more retailers are catering to the unorganised shopper by offering this brilliant solution… Read more

Gift ideas for teenage guys

What’s harder than finding gift ideas for teenage girls? Finding gift ideas for teenage guys. Of course a gift certificate is always an easy and surefire bet, and a quick look on a teenager’s Facebook site should give you an idea of the music and movies he’s into so you can buy a CD or.. Read more

Gift ideas for teenage girls

Need to buy teenage girl gifts? With Christmas on the way and birthdays that seem to keep popping up out of nowhere, the need for fresh teenage gift ideas is endless! And although gift certificates are always appreciated, occasionally it would be nice to surprise the teenage girl in your life with a real present… Read more

Dropping teenagers to parties

Do you still drop your teenager at parties? And if so, do you still introduce yourself to the parents, or go and say hi if you know the parents? I think in years 7 and 8, this should be a no brainer. Often there is a whole lot of new parents you haven’t met before,.. Read more

A different approach to curfews

What is a reasonable curfew for your teenager? You can survey other parents and see what their rules are, but there are so many variables. Instead of a one-size fits all approach – or even one curfew for all situations  – I came across this interesting approach recently on Quora. A young woman, Briezy, wrote.. Read more

Birthday party ideas for teenagers

Teenage birthday parties are tricky. On the one hand, you don’t have to entertain teenagers like you do younger children – in fact, they’d prefer you not to show your face at all. On the other hand, alcohol. Birthday parties seem to taper off once kids hit high school. Parents are either shying away from.. Read more