Spirits and young people

By Paul Dillon, drug educator and author. One young Australian aged between 14 and 17 years old dies every weekend due to alcohol. That figure astounds me each time I say it to a group of students but it truly is beginning to surprise me that we don’t see far more deaths than that due.. Read more

Helping your kids handle social pressure

A friend emailed me the other day with a ‘proud mummy moment’ – yes, we still have them, even with teenagers. Her 15-year-old daughter had been invited to a birthday dinner for a classmate at a swanky restaurant, followed by a sleepover at the birthday girl’s house. Our daughters are at the age where drinking.. Read more

Film about tragic party is changing teen thinking

An award-winning, hard-hitting Australian short film about a teenager’s party with tragic consequences is changing teen viewers’ behaviour around drinking and parties. The Gathering tells the story of a group of friends who organise a spontaneous ‘gathering’ when parents are away for the weekend. Fuelled by an abundance of alcohol and gatecrashers, events spiral out.. Read more

Geek dad busts teenage daughter’s party

A self-confessed ‘geek’ accidently busted his teenage daughter holding a party in their family home in Adelaide, while he was 800 km away in Geelong. David Rowetel was interstate with his wife, his kids were staying elsewhere and his home was supposed to be vacant. But while out to dinner, David decided to check his.. Read more

Energy drink ‘overdose’ on the rise

Reports of caffeine poisoning from ‘energy drink’ consumption are increasing in Australia, particularly among adolescents. A new study is calling for greater regulation of the labelling and sale of energy drinks, and for teenagers to be better educated about their hazards. Telephone calls to an Australian poisons information centre about energy drinks ‘overdose’ increased from.. Read more

Tips for gifts AND parties

Word is the new iPod Nano and the Xbox Kinect will be bestsellers for teens this Christmas. But at $150 and $300 respectively, we thought you might like some ideas for presents that come in UNDER $100.  Check out the following: our gift guides for teenage girls and guys e-cards and last minute gifts for.. Read more

11 tips for a successful teen party

In an earlier guest post, Margie* shared her story of a teenage party that went horribly wrong, and ended with scores of gatecrashers, paddy wagons on the front lawn, and damage to property. In this post, Margie shares some tips learnt from that experience and how she went on to hold a successful 17th birthday.. Read more

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How NOT to host a teenage party

Margie* is a sensible, responsible mum of two teenagers. In this article, she shares her experience of hosting a teenage party that quickly went out of control, an experience she refers to as her ‘epic fail’. From the posting of details on Facebook through to trashed neighbours’ yards and the arrival of the police, this is.. Read more

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