From science star to scuffles – my boy’s first year at high school

Guest post by Kayley Harris, mum of three. There comes a time in a young man’s life when his thoughts turn to…well…anything but schoolwork. My middle son, Mr 13, is about to start year 8 and the novelty of high school has well and truly worn off. In the final months of primary school, he.. Read more

Happy birthday SMS, hope you enjoyed your gift

By Rachel Hynes. SMS, or text messaging, turned 20 this week. And this is how I felt about it. It’s true, I went through the bills and added it up. The mobile calls were ten times worse. Thank god for capped plans. She only went over by about $500 this year. We had a bad.. Read more

School holidays – wish I was there

It’s school holidays in most parts of Australia, and where it isn’t, it soon will be. It’s utterly business as usual at our place. I don’t really notice the difference in high school, not as much as in primary school anyway, where holidays were welcome relief from driving, uniforms and school lunches. At the weekend,.. Read more