Ask an Expert: My daughter was harassed online and now says she is depressed. Do I ban her from all social media?

My daughter has changed. She has become very isolated and withdrawn, skips schooling and doesn’t want to go out in crowds. She used to like going out with her family to shopping malls. Naturally I have run all the medical tests under the sun. She is fine. Her behaviour has become worse over the last.. Read more

The importance of unconditional self-acceptance

In our recent reader survey, you said self-esteem was a top 3 concern in parenting your teenagers. We’re committed to bringing you more articles on this topic, starting with this one by teenage coach Ray Mathis, who explains the connection between shame and self-esteem, according to Rational emotive behavior therapy. What is shame? Shame is what.. Read more

What is depression?

By Philip Batterham, Australian National University; Amelia Gulliver, Australian National University, and Lou Farrer, Australian National University Many people know what it’s like to feel sad or down from time to time. We can experience negative emotions due to many things – a bad day at work, a relationship break-up, a sad film, or just.. Read more

Internet addiction and how to treat it

Internet addiction is the broad and more common term for what Dr Philip Tam has termed Problematic Internet Use, or PIU. In his first article for The Kids Are All Right, Is your teen addicted to the Internet?, Dr Tam explained what is Internet addiction. In this follow-up article, Dr Tam discusses the treatment options.. Read more

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Why do kids cut themselves?

By Jessica Dickers. I was surprised to find out that some of my friends have self-harmed. You wouldn’t know by looking at them or even by talking to them. Kids Helpline says that an increasing number of young people are reporting self-harming behaviour. Cutting is the most common self-harming behaviour but people may also burn.. Read more

Mentoring for teens

By Ellen Laughton. Mentoring. It’s a word we usually associate with professional career development, but some families are discovering the benefits of youth mentoring for their teenagers. Mentors are being engaged to help teenagers at risk or experiencing personal difficulties, or simply to help young people set and achieve their goals. What is youth mentoring?.. Read more

School holidays – wish I was there

It’s school holidays in most parts of Australia, and where it isn’t, it soon will be. It’s utterly business as usual at our place. I don’t really notice the difference in high school, not as much as in primary school anyway, where holidays were welcome relief from driving, uniforms and school lunches. At the weekend,.. Read more

Time with parents is important for teens’ wellbeing

You may think you’re the last person on earth your teenager wants to spend time with, but new research reveals today’s teens are seeking out time with their parents, and that this shared time is very important to their wellbeing. “The stereotype that teenagers spend all their time holed up in their rooms or hanging.. Read more

Explainer: anorexia and bulimia

By Peta Stapleton, Bond University Eating disorders are an increasing problem in children and adolescents. Recent Australian studies have indicated eating disorder behaviour has increased twofold in Australia in the last five years and 9% (men and women) will suffer from one at some point in their lives. An analysis by the American Agency for.. Read more

School suspension counterproductive

A Professor of Psychology wants schools to stop using suspension as a disciplinary tactic, saying it is counterproductive. “Schools might need to rethink the way they discipline children, because commonly used practices such as detention and suspension may do more harm than good,” says Professor Sheryl Hemphill from Australian Catholic University. Studies have found that.. Read more