Ask an Expert – We caught our daughter with a boy, and it has destroyed our trust

Our 16-year-old daughter has always been a strong minded, independent girl. She has a small group of close girlfriends, good kids, no drugs, minimal experiences with alcohol, have been to maybe five parties this year. She is reasonably confident, though has an attitude of I know everything and everything will be fine attitude. We have.. Read more

Ask an Expert – Does making sexual relationships sound wrong or dirty give teens a bad start to their sexual lives?

Does making sexual relationships sound wrong or dirty give teens a bad start to their sexual lives?  The language we use around relationships and sexuality can have a huge impact, so the simple answer to this question is yes.  Depending on the individual child, using negative language may contribute to a negative attitude towards sex,.. Read more

Ask an Expert – Is there such a thing as healthy pornography in a teenager’s life?

My 16-year-old daughter likes pornography, and does not see it as a necessarily harmful thing. I talk with her about the things that I don’t like about it – when it is degrading to women, when it is violent, that it desensitises people to real emotions and sexual enjoyment. She is aware of these things,.. Read more

Ask an Expert – How can I keep my daughter safe at schoolies week?

My daughter is going to Schoolies Week. I’m really worried about excess drinking, drugs and unsafe sex. How can I help her keep safe and how do I even talk to her about all of this !!!! If your daughter is going to schoolies week look at it as an opportunity – most probably the.. Read more

Teenagers and sex – are they emotionally ready?

Sex education for teenagers is usually pretty good at covering the physical and practical issues – reproductive health, sexually transmitted infections, and contraception. What sex education can sometimes gloss over is the emotional consequences for teenagers engaging in sexual activity. Sex educator Liz Walker from the Youth Wellbeing Project  and teen boys life coach, John.. Read more

‘Sexting’ teens: decriminalising young people’s sexual practices

By Danielle Tyson, Monash University; Amy Shields Dobson, Monash University, and Mary Lou Rasmussen, Monash University. Cases of teenagers “sexting” each other have recently provoked panicked responses by media, parents, educators and policy makers in Australia. Now a Victorian parliamentary inquiry into the practice has been told it’s better to use discretionary powers to deal.. Read more

Who’s behind the bike shed? Parents, Pornstars or Professionals?

By David Glance, University of Western Australia I was invited to participate in a Q and A session called “Profs and Pints” organised by Scitech in WA on the subject of how kids were now finding out about sex. With the pervasiveness of pornography on the Internet, the assumption could be that most of what.. Read more

Sex talk with teens must address pornography

Sex educator Liz Walker says parents need to rewrite the discussions they are having with their teenage children about sex, due to the proliferation of Internet pornography. A report published this week in the Australian Journal of Medicine [1] expressed concern about the relationship between teenagers accessing pornography and risky behaviour. The authors reviewed existing.. Read more

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I don’t want to have sex with your daughter

Hi girlfriend’s-father, Just like to tell you that I plan on taking your daughter to a movie tonight. We’re going to go see The Hunger Games, I’m sure you’ve heard of it. After the movie, we’ll go grab some kebabs or something but not from the shop that gave five people food poisoning a couple.. Read more

Mixed sex sleepovers

By Rachel Hynes. Just cleaning up after a birthday sleepover. My daughter had six friends stay over last night. They all bunked down in the loungeroom, eating pizza and watching DVDs. Till 3 in the morning. Two of the kids who stayed over were boys. This scenario was one I’d ruled out a year ago… Read more