Anxious kids not learning: the real effects of NAPLAN

By Greg Thompson, Murdoch University Australian teachers are not convinced that NAPLAN improves the reading and maths skills of students. Over the next week, NAPLAN results will be arriving at students’ homes around Australia. But new research released today shows some worrying effects from NAPLAN testing. Seven out of 10 teachers did not see that.. Read more

Who’s behind the bike shed? Parents, Pornstars or Professionals?

By David Glance, University of Western Australia I was invited to participate in a Q and A session called “Profs and Pints” organised by Scitech in WA on the subject of how kids were now finding out about sex. With the pervasiveness of pornography on the Internet, the assumption could be that most of what.. Read more

Parent responds: 20 things a secondary teacher wants to say to parents

A popular article on The Kids Are All Right website this week was 20 things a secondary teacher wants to say to parents. In writing this list, teacher Paul Whitehead said he understood that he’d be “opening the door for ’20 things parents want to say to their child’s teacher’”. Challenge accepted! (In part.) Here.. Read more

20 things teacher wants to say to parents

By Paul Whitehead. Can we have an honest conversation? I promise, I am not “representing the teaching fraternity” by writing this… I haven’t consulted with my colleagues; in fact they may well feel VERY differently from the views I express here. I do want to express some of my thoughts from my own teaching experiences.. Read more

Don’t boycott NAPLAN! Turning our back skews good data

By Barry McGaw, Vice-Chancellor’s Fellow, Melbourne Graduate School of Education at University of Melbourne. A small but vocal group is calling on parents to withdraw their children from the National Assessment Program: Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) tests. But if this call is successful and enough children are pulled, parents will not obtain the information that.. Read more

How to make the most of parent teacher nights

Parent teacher nights can be stressful experiences. Both for your teenager, who may be sitting there nervously waiting for the guillotine to drop, and for yourselves, as you struggle to find your way around an unfamiliar campus, to line up for a few minutes with a teacher, only to find you’ve missed your slot because.. Read more

Education review: the teacher is the key

By Ned Manning, writer and teacher. The Gonski Report has rightly recommended that there be a serious injection of funds into education. One of the best things about this excellent report is that it puts education back where it should be, at the centre of national debate. One thing needs to be established. At the.. Read more

Teens having sex younger, need better sex ed

The age Australian teens are first having sex is getting younger, prompting a call for increased sexual health education for young people. The sexual activity of Australian teenagers is measured in a national survey by La Trobe University every six years. In the last survey, the percentage of students who reported having had sexual intercourse.. Read more

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Guest post: Home schooling, from a mum who did

Home Education – What? Why? How? Who? And is it a valuable option? By Liliane Grace There’s a bit of a conversation in the media at the moment about the benefits and drawbacks of home schooling. My three children were home educated – via a largely unstructured, secular approach. They are now 16 (almost 17;.. Read more

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Violence and lack of discipline – a teacher’s lot

A new survey has revealed half of Victoria’s school teachers have battled violence or aggression in their classrooms. Most of the teachers surveyed also believe that parents expect them to provide all the discipline for their children. The Herald Sun survey of 816 primary and secondary teachers, conducted and analysed by Galaxy Research, found: 50%.. Read more